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Experience around the world has shown that where people are aware of the risks around them and plan their response, then injuries, damage and subsequent trauma are significantly reduced. The purpose of the planning process is therefore to ensure that the safety of students and staff is maintained as far as possible in any emergency incident.

As each school has unique circumstances it is strongly recommended that any resultant plan be owned and implemented by the school, making reference to its specific needs.

For more information of Being Prepared at School please visit the What's The Plan Stan website.

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Early Chldhood Education resources
“Turtle Safe” is an educational DVD developed specifically to teach preschool children what to do if they are inside or outdoors when an earthquake occurs. We encourage teachers to hold several practice drills with the children so they are familiar with the drill. For more 'Turtle Safe' information click here.

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management have completed the Early Childhood Education Services Emergency Planning Guidance

Worksafe at Schools
The Ministry of Education has produced Worksafe at School guidelines on civil defence planning for schools, which provide useful information and templates.

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