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GRGT_webThe information in the 'Get Ready Get Thru' website will show you how to Get Ready, so you'll Get Through.


Auckland will experience natural and man-made disasters, such as, power and water failure, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions in the future. Disasters are able to ruin everything you have worked for over the years – homes, treasured and precious momentos and, possibly the loss of a loved one. Whilst disasters cannot be stopped, think ahead and be prepared by involving the whole family, and make an emergency plan together.

Join or form a neighbourhood support group. You and your neighbours will together have the skills or resources that can be vital in an emergency. Start discussing today what you can do to assist each other. Contact Civil Defence for advice.

Disaster DVD Words

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Auckland Civil Defence have created an DVD that explains what hazards are in the Auckland region and what you need to do to be prepared.

To view part 1 click here

To view part 2 click here



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