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Disaster - It's About Being Ready - Part One

How to get Ready... (8 mins)(Made in 2011)

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Disaster - It's About Being Ready - Part Two

Hazards, types of disasters and how to deal with them. (9 mins)(Made in 2011)

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Auckland's Volcanic Hazards

Produced for Exercise Ruaumoko in 2008 this video is about Auckland's Volcanic Hazards.(11 mins)

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Turtle Safe DVD

Earthquake safety resource for children. (3 mins) (Made in 2011)

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Auckland Emergency Management Youtube Page

Auckland Emergency Management videos, for videos on natural disasters, prevention and action

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Zealandia the ancient continent of New Zealand

New Zealands striking landscape has been shaped by volcanic activity dating back over 500 million years

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Tectonic Plate Movement

From the Auckland Museum Volcanoes gallery. The whole surface of the globe is divided into 15 or so plates. We look deeper into the earth itself to find what causes plate movement

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How Alert Are Aucklanders?

An eruption may or may not happen soon, but it will almost certainly happen. Its not a case of if, but when.

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New Zealand: where two tectonic plates collide

Kelvin Berryman explains how the tectonic plate boundary creates faults and earthquakes in New Zealand

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Volcanic Hazards in New Zealand

Brad Scott describes the different volcano types and potential threats in New Zealand. Active volcano footage thanks to Geoff Mackley.

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Auckland Museum Volcano House

In the volcano exhibit of the Auckland Museum, you can experience what it would be like to be in a real volcano eruption.

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Rare Deadly Tornado In Auckland New Zealand

Terrified west Auckland residents ducked for cover as a series of violent tornadoes ripped through their neighbourhoods leaving a trail of death and destruction on December 6 2012

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The Pacific Ring of Fire

VERY IMPORTANT: This video is for education purpose only! (44 minutes

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Soft Copy Resources

Make A Plan

Make a personalised emergency plan. Find more at

Download PDF

Get Ready Get Thru Tsunami Brochure

Click here to download information about what to do in a tsunami

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Whats the Plan Stan Activity Book

Click here to download the 'Whats the Plan Stan?' activity book

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