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We will do our best to provide you with these resources, however we cannot guarantee supply. Below (from left to right) is the 'Never Happens' handout card, 'What would You Do Booklet' and the 'Make A Plan' with your family and friends worksheet.

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Download our Power Outage information flyer here

Download the Cook Island Maori translation here




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See our new What's the Plan, Stan activity book. Click here to preview

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Resilience conversation starters……


  • What does resilience mean to you?
  • What does community connectedness mean to you?
  • Tell me about your community? What do you really like or value about your community? What is unique about your community?
  • What are the strengths of your community?
  • What are some of the challenges or vulnerabilities that your community faces?
  • Who are the most vulnerable members of your community? What examples are there of them being supported and included?
  •  What are the past emergency events that have affected your community? What went well in how your community worked together to support each other? What could your community do differently next time based on things that did not go well?
  • What information do you and your community need to feel more confident to be able to support itself in an emergency?
  • Does your community have a place/ or places they would feel safe to go in an emergency to support each other and get information about what to do?


Key Safety Messages to share with your community: 


  • Get to know your neighbour; it’s all about being connected and helping each other out. In an emergency, check on your neighbour, especially those who might need extra support, or let others know if you need help.

Connect to Neighbourhood Support

  • Subscribe to Auckland AEM's txt or email alerts to give you warnings about emergencies. Sign up for alerts on our website There’s also lots more information on hazards and how to be prepared:

Subscribe to SMS and Email Alerts

  • Download the Red Cross Hazard App on to your phone to identify hazards, reduce risks and stay informed. Learn about it here:

  • Part of a small business? Disruption and adversity are just hard facts of life for businesses. Being prepared is partly about building business resilience and partly about planning. Here’s some great pointers on how:


Always remember: If life is at risk, dial 111. For Civil Defence information please call 0800 22 22 00 or contact the Auckland Council on 09 301 0101





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