Tsunami Sirens

Tsunami warning sirens



Tsunami warning sirens are installed at the following locations:


  • Omaha
  • Point Wells
  • Whangateau
  • Waiwera.


  • Bethells
  • Te Henga
  • Piha (north and south)
  • Karekare
  • Huia
  • Little Huia
  • Whatipu
  • Te Atatu (north and south)
  • Herald Island
  • Westpark Marina




Tsunami signals

The following signals will be used during an actual tsunami threat:

1. Alert signal (dash – dash – dot – dot) sounded for 15 minutes

This signal notifies residents that a tsunami threat has been received by Civil Defence.

Residents should respond by:

  • evacuating beaches
  • listening to the radio and TV for information
  • preparing to evacuate their homes and businesses if required.

2. Evacuate signal (dot-dot-dot) sounded in continuous burst for 15 minutes

The signal is used when a specific threat to the coastline has been confirmed.

Residents should respond by:

  • evacuating immediately to the nearest high ground
  • avoiding using personal transport (e.g. cars) unless absolutely essential, as this may cause congestion.

3. All clear signal (a continuous tone for five minutes)

The signal is used to notify that the threat of a tsunami has passed.

Residents should respond by:

  • returning to their home or business, if not affected
  • following the directions of the emergency services in affected areas.

 Click here to find out what a tsunami siren sounds like.


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