Tsunami Siren FAQs

Do the sirens cover all coastal areas?

No they don’t. The selected sites and coverage areas are designed for populated locations from sea level and up to 10 metres from sea level.

Will the sirens hurt my ears?

The sirens are designed to start at a low noise level and increase to full volume over the first four or five repetitions.  This gives people in close proximity to a siren warning to cover their ears while moving away to a safe distance.

When will the sirens be used?

Initially the system will only be activated to warn the public of any tsunami threat as may be notified to Civil Defence authorities by the National Warning System. The system has three tones to signal an alert only, evacuation required and all clear.

Dos and dont's

  • Don’t panic when you hear the siren
  • Do identify if it is an alert or evacuate signal
  • Don’t travel in your car unless you have to
  • Do evacuate all beaches immediately on hearing the alert or evacuate signal
  • Don’t return until you have heard the all clear signal
  • Do know where your essential documents and medicines are to take with you


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