Download the Hazard App to help you and your family prepare and respond to hazards in New Zealand. The app provides vital disaster alerts and will help you get through emergencies.

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The Hazard App gives information to help you when there's a disaster or hazard.

Download the app:

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Civil Defence participation

The Hazard App is being rolled out region by region, by Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) Groups. You will only receive alerts in areas where the local CDEM Groups are actively using the app as one of their alerting tools. For a list of CDEM Groups currently using the Red Cross Hazards app click here.

Why use the Hazard App?

While the Auckland Civil Defence app has been a success and served the community well – hazards have no respect for boundaries. The Red Cross Hazard App allows users to receive alerts, around the whole of New Zealand, and in many parts of the world.

It is part of an international programme aimed and enhancing community resilience and will benefit visitors to New Zealand and New Zealanders travelling abroad.

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