The New Zealand Civil Defence Emergency Management Environment

The New Zealand CDEM environment


This online module provides newcomers to CDEM, particularly new Emergency Management Officers with a broad overview of essential information about CDEM including, but not limited to the role of MCDEM, the role of REMAs, the National Warning System and the Emergency Management collection in the DIA library. A number of worksheets have been incorporated as learning checks and practical activities to make the module more interactive.

The Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 establishes a framework for building resilient New Zealand communities.

The National CDEM Strategy is the crowns vision for emergency management in New Zealand and is supported by:

  • The National CDEM Plan, which sets out strategies and goals, outlining arrangements for managing emergency events of national significance, and,
  • CDEM Group Plans, outlining similar arrangements at the regional level.

The Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 establishes to:

  • Promote sustainable management of hazards
  • Enabling communities to achieve acceptable levels of risk
  • Requires co-ordination of CDEM activities
  • Encourages co-ordination and integration across sectors to address interdependencies

The National CDEM Strategy: ‘The Crowns Vision’

  • Goal 1 Increase community awareness, understanding and participation in CDEM
  • Goal 2 Reduce the risks from hazards to New Zealand
  • Goal 3 Enhance New Zealand’s capability to manage emergencies
  • Goal 4 Enhance New Zealand’s capability to recover from disasters

The National CDEM Plan: ‘The Plan and the Guide to the National Plan’

The National CDEM plan:

  • Provides CDEM arrangements to manage hazards and risks at the national level
  • Supports the management of local emergencies

The Auckland Region Group Plan 2011 – 2016

  • Sets the strategic direction for CDEM in the Auckland region – 5 year plan
  • Manages regionally significant hazards and risks
  • Provides operational arrangements - readiness, response & recovery
  • Provides administrative & financial arrangements
  • Outlines targets & actions to meet the National plan’s objectives

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