Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC)

CDExercise _1What is the Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC)?

The ECC coordinates and facilitates the ‘day-to-day’ planning and project work on behalf of the CDEM Group and CEG. The ECC is the main facility from which the response to a CDEM Group emergency will be co-ordinated.





CDExercise _2The functions of the ECC include:

  • Advice and technical support to the CEG and the CDEM Group
  • Project coordination and management, including the on going development, implementation, monitoring and review of the CDEM Group Plan, 
  • Coordination of regional CDEM policy and its implementation 
  • Management of contracts entered into on behalf of the CDEM Group or CEG
  • Management of and administering CDEM Group staff on behalf of the CDEM Group
  • External liaison with the CDEM sector
  • Coordination of monitoring and evaluation activities
  • Preparation in consultation with CEG, of the annual report of the CDEM Group’s activities, budget and performance to the CDEM Group for adoption


CDExercise _3How the ECC responds in an emergency

  • Staffed by specialists and volunteer staff organised using Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) for 24hr operation and 90 minute activation
  • Robust and varied communications methods and redundancies
  • On-call duty officer system with back-up



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