Controllers, Recovery Managers & Declarations

The Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group have appointed Group and Local Controllers in accordance with Sections 26 and 27 of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act.

(A competency profile for the Group Controller is available from the Auckland Emergency Coordination Centre)

The Group Controller must, during a state of emergency for the area for which the Group Controller is appointed, direct and co-ordinate the use of personnel, materials, information, services, and other resources made available by departments, CDEM Groups, and other persons.

Other key functions include:

  • acting as an advisor to a local controller in a local emergency,
  • training and mentoring local controllers,
  • maintaining relationships with CDEM Group Members,
  • monitoring and auditing response capability through exercises.

Declaring a state of emergency allows the Controller and others access to statutory powers. Its purpose is to be a public method of granting people the necessary authority to protect life and property in extraordinary emergency events.

The rationale for declaring a state of emergency is:

  • an emergency event has occurred or may occur
  • the safety of the public or property is endangered
  • loss of life, injury or illness or distress may be caused
  • usual services are inadequate to deal with the emergency




John Dragicevich

CDEM Director

Andrew Clark

General Manager Commercial and Finance

Mara Bebich

Strategy and Stakeholder Liaison Manager

Rachel Kelleher

Manager Biodiversity

Ian McCormick

General Manager Building Control

Ian Maxwell

Director Community Services

Craig McIlroy

Manager Stormwater

Sarah Sinclair

Chief Engineer

Graham Bodman

GM, Arts, Community and Events

Matthew Walker

GM Financial Plan Policy and budget

Victoria Walker

Head of Marketing and Publicity

John Schermbrucker

Manager Stormwater Delivery

Jennifer Rose

Operations Support Manager

Alan Treasden

Technical Advisory Manager







Group Recovery Managers


Jennifer Rose  


Head of Recovery - Auckland Emergency Management

Wayne Brown  


Principal Recovery Advisor - Auckland Emergency Management

Craig Mcllroy


General Manager Healthy Waters - Healthy Waters

Alan Tresaden


Construction Performance Manager - Community Facilities

Sarah Sinclair


Chief Engineer - Acting Director Auckland Emergency Management

Rob McGee 


Head of Active Recreation - Parks, Sports, Recreation

Mace Ward


GM Parks, Sports and Recreation - Parks, Sports and Recreation



NOTE: The above list identifies the Controllers and Alternate Controllers for the Auckland CDEM Group as at 1 January 2016. This list is subject to change. 

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