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What is the Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group? ACD Logo


The CDEM Group comprises of the Auckland Council working in partnership with emergency services and other organisations to ensure the effective delivery of civil defence emergency management within its area.

The aim of the Auckland CDEMG is to:

  • Co-ordinate all planning activities related to hazard and emergency management,
  • Encourage co-operation and joint action within the region,
  • Determine the aspirations of our community,
  • Examine the risks that hazards may pose to the goals, and prioritise each hazard.


To provide a co-ordinated and integrated approach to the way significant risks and hazards are managed in the Auckland region across the 4 R’s:

    • Reduction
    • Readiness
    • Response
    • Recovery

As a unitary authority, the Auckland Council has established itself as the CDEM Group to meet the requirements of the CDEM Act.

The CDEM Group (political committee) is supported by a management structure which includes elements as prescribed in the CDEM Act (2002) as well as additional elements determined necessary by the Auckland CDEM Group.


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