Supporting Plans

The Auckland Welfare Plan

The purpose of this plan is to enable a coordinated approach to welfare services for both people and animals in Auckland following an emergency event. Community welfare addresses all aspects of the environment in which people normally live. Welfare in an emergency requires an holistic approach to ensure integration of delivery across the social, natural, built, and economic environments.

The Auckland Evacuation Plan

The purpose of this plan is to set the principles and process for coordinated evacuation planning in the Auckland region. The plan specifies arrangements, agency roles and responsibilities and a range of considerations and actions for evacuation of people from hazardous environments to a place of safety. 

The Auckland Volcanic Field Contingency Plan sets out the planning arrangements for management of an eruption within the Auckland Volcanic Field.

The Auckland Capability Assessment report presents the results of the capability assessment of the Auckland CDEM Group undertaken in September 2014.


The Auckland Fuel Contingency Plan gives an overview of potential fuel supply disruption scenrios in Auckland and explains the processes for prioritising allocation of fuel to Civil Defence and Emergency Management-Critical customers in Auckland detailing how critical resources will be managed.

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