Ministry of Primary Industries fruit fly response continues

Wednesday 25 February 2015 08:37 AM

Current Situation

On 16 February 2015 a single male fruit fly was detected in an Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) surveillance trap in the Grey Lynn area of Auckland. Subsequently, on 20 February, a small isolated population of the fly was found in a home garden nearby in the same suburb.

MPI is taking urgent action to eradicate this Auckland fruit fly population and is confident of success given the resources and expertise at its disposal. This includes the support of response partners (AsureQuality and Auckland Council) and Government Industry Agreement partners KVH and PipfruitNZ.

The response involves the use of movement controls, traps, public awareness and treatment. Stricter controls continue to be applied at New Zealand?s borders.

There are some more detailed rules depending on if you live in Zone A or Zone B.

Zone A is the highest risk zone as it is closest to where fruit fly has been found. There are slightly stricter requirements around the handling of fruit and vegetables.

- All whole fresh fruit and all vegetables cannot be moved outside of Zone A at all.

- Residents within Zone A are asked to dispose of all store-bought fruit and vegetable waste in the special disposal bins that have been provided by MPI.

- Zone A residents are asked to leave any home-grown fallen fruit on the ground in their garden for inspection by MPI. Do not put home-grown produce in your MPI disposal bin.

Zone B residents are asked to separate fruit and vegetable waste (e.g. leftovers, peel, apple cores, skins .etc.) from the rest of your household rubbish.

- General rubbish can go out with your normal rubbish collection.

- Zone B residents can continue to dispose of all fruit and vegetables in the MPI disposal bins which are distributed at convenient locations around the area. MPI recommend you do not compost any fruit or vegetable waste in the meantime.

- Fruit and vegetables can continue to be purchased and transported from outside the Controlled Area into the Controlled Area.

Full information will be regularly updated on the MPI website.

Call MPI to report any suspicious finds or for further information on 0800 80 99 66.

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